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Brooke Smyser

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Brooke's customer service and strong communication skills has lead her to create great relationships through her work. Now she wants to bring some of these skills to L And C Adventures travel agency! She is excited to explore with clients, helping them create their dream vacation. Brooke has her own experience with traveling out of the country and traveling at sea. She even did a 17-day cruise, hitting all the Europe hot spots! Not to mention her smaller trips within the United States, including travelling with small children (not easy!) Brooke will be here to find some tips and tricks for you and your family to make your booking and traveling experience as easy and smooth as possible! Brooke's favorite destination is Greece, the beautiful colors and the architecture are truly unforgettable. She looks forward to helping you with your future plans!


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Brooke has obtained her:

Bachelor of Adventure with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

College of Disney Knowledge - Discovering Disney Cruise Line

College of Disney Knowledge - Exploring the Walt Disney World Resort

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