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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Here at L And C Adventures we decided to try our hand at blogging - something neither of us really know how to do…. so please be patient, and kind!

With both of us having a passion for not only traveling ourselves, but helping others find their “BEST VACTION EVER” moments, we think (hope) our blogs will benefit people that are brand new to travelling, along with all of our well seasoned travelers. Between the two of us, we have loads of knowledge, experience, and stories that we truly can't wait to share!

Some great ideas are in the works for the blog, but please feel free to email us if you have any requests or recommendations. We are going to stay away from the typical “Do this, not that” advice …..Ok so maybe we WILL add some of that too, but we'll also switch it up with new topics like 'What's it like to be a crew member on a ship?' 'How to explore a cruise port on your own' and 'The best Pizza in Naples'.

We really hope you love our blog, as much as we love writing it, and really hope it's fun AND informative! Don't forget to email us if you have any questions -

XOXO Lauren and Carlie (Let us know if you get the reference)

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