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Have you ever wanted an exciting career in the Travel Industry?

A career in travel is an exciting opportunity! What other industry can you explore the world, and plan the trip of a lifetime for your client?​ It is easier than ever to earn income as an independent travel agent, also known as an Independent Contractor or IC. Perks of this opportunity include working from home, setting your own hours, and even creating your own schedule!​ Becoming a successful independent travel agent requires more than just a love and passion for travel. You need business smarts, sales skills, and discipline. You also need solid support, which means aligning with the right travel agency that can empower you to succeed, on your terms.

If being a homebased independent travel agent sounds like something you would love to do, 

then click here.

Professional Benefits of becoming an Independent Contractor with L And C Adventures:

  • Competitive commission levels - Being an independent contractor  (IC) for L And C isn’t like joining other host agencies. You will be completely commission based and will start out earning 70% of every booking you make, with the potential to earn more!  We are partnered with Travel Planners International  and the consortia Signature Travel Network allowing us to receive some of the highest commissions in the industry.

  • Flexible schedule – make your own hours! RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

  • Work from home with a simple set-up

  • Exclusive familiarization trips (FAM) opportunities & Training – Opportunities for you and your guests to experience new places!

  • CLIA cards available for qualified consultants – CLIA cards identify you as a qualified travel agent with CLIA. A CLIA card is often used for industry events, training, seminars and even to obtain TA discounts.

  • Supportive, team-oriented environment

  • Access to top industry resources

  • Opportunity to attend Trainings, Meetings and Seminars

  • Supplier and Destination Training

  • Access to Discounted Cruises/Trips

What We're Looking For...

  • A passion and dedication to provide outstanding customer service. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, with a professional and mature demeanor

  • Strong work ethic - Strives to accomplish tasks by specified deadlines

  • Completely comfortable and adept in a technology-focused environment utilizing the Internet, Word, Excel, and all social media platforms including Facebook & Instagram

  • Has a fun, bubbly attitude

  • Loves working and being part of a team

  • Over the top perfectionism - Highly driven mentality and extensive attention to detail

  • Superb research, planning, and organizational skills - The ability to successfully prioritize and manage multiple objectives simultaneously

  • Reliable, honest and trustworthy

And so much more...


L And C Adventures takes pride in being a certified Woman Owned business. Our mission is to develop an environment where all Independent Contractors (IC's) have the necessary tools to run their business independently and successfully. Although independent, our IC's will access the full support and expertise from owners who have multiple years' worth of travel knowledge and experience.  We are here to facilitate your growth, and watch you flourish in the travel industry!  We are welcoming ICs with ALL levels of experience, varying from many years, to little/none. We are also accepting ICs that are out of state. You do NOT have to be located near us to work alongside us. We carry E&O Insurance to cover and protect all IC’s. This is a great position for experienced agents looking for a new travel home, or a startup position for those just getting their foot in the door of the travel world.



Travel agents can find clients anywhere like family, friends, grocery stores, schools, and anywhere that you can think to market yourself. These days social media is a huge tool for marketing, but let’s not forget the old fashioned way of going door to door, handing business cards out, and our favorite, the car magnet! Communication is the biggest tool you have; we encourage our Independent Contractors to be outgoing and able to network not only the business but themselves.


All you need to succeed is knowledge, experience, and clients—and we're here to help you with all 3! Today’s travel industry is a modern business that you can complete anywhere you have an internet connection. We want to set you up for success, and will provide continuous training along with webinars, materials and courses to start your journey with us.



Yes! Travel agents have never gone away. In today’s internet world, where there are millions of travel deals bombarding travelers 24/7, travelers need someone they can trust. Someone with experience and accountability. They need a travel professional like you!



Agents sell travel because they themselves love to travel. They love exploring this big beautiful world, and they want to share that enthusiasm with others, all whilst earning additional income!

     What are you waiting for, click here to fill out the form!

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